History - Dixit Dominus Domino

Apr 11, 2013 (bbloomf)

Error in first two notes of incipit. Following incipit had been the psalm tone that used to be used for the rest of the first verse of the psalm when the entire antiphon was not always sung before the psalm itself.

"(c3) DIx(fg)it(gh) D\u00f3(i)mi(j)nus(i.) (::) D\u00f3(k)mi(j)no(j) me(i)o:(j.,) D\u00f3(i_h)mi(f)no(h) me(g_f)o:(e.) *(:;) Se(if)de(if') a(id) dex(jfh)tris(ig) m\u00e9(he.)is.(ihe..) (::)"