Reported problems

Jesu, dulcis memoria!

Can\'t seem to use the {multicol} TeX package for aligning the litany text. (Reported on 2016-10-05 by Locutus)

Deus in adjutorium

This is a duplicate of id 7417 (Reported on 2016-11-20 by abloomfield)


I can not put \"Euouae\" on the line below, got half on top and * was not separated from the second float.
(Reported on 2017-03-03 by Rodrigo Fernandes)

Cum appropinquaret

custos for second clef change (when it goes back to c4) after \"Opus Domino est.\" is wrong. (Reported on 2017-08-26 by abloomfield)

Christus factus est

custos is wrong before the clef change to c3 right before PROPTER (Reported on 2017-08-26 by abloomfield)

Caecilia virgo Almachium

Duplicate. Please remove. (Reported on 2017-09-30 by Brandon)


It was just for check a problem with the qualisma notation. This entry \"8002\" can be deleted. (Reported on 2017-11-28 by Yolisuhijo)

Christus factus est

I\'ve tried everything I\'ve read to fix the problem with the custos before \"propter\", but I can\'t avoid the automatic custos. (Reported on 2017-11-28 by Yolisuhijo)

Ante Luciferum genitus

Dropped initial missing.
Ictus of luciferum must be above the scandicus.
(Reported on 2018-01-06 by Koenraad Moreau)

Sancti tui... benedicent

I discover to day an mistake in “Alleluia Sancti tui , Domine”
The last three notes of Domine are not DO SI SI but RE DO DO

Here is le modified text by me

(f3) AL(e)le(f)lú(hi~)ia.(i_h/iggf.) *(,) ij.(hv./iji./ef/h_f//hv.ghe/hhh.f!gwhf.) V/.(::) San(f_e/f!gwh’)cti(i) tu(jiihi)i,(iv.hh/fgf.) (;) Dó(f!hh/ijHF’/ivH’GEf./hfhhf/ge)mi(fe)ne,(e.) (;) be(ffe/ffe/fc..,ef!hvvF’E/hhhi)ne(h)dí(h)cent(ivH’G/hf~) te:(f.) (:) gló(f!h’i)ri(jiihi)am(iv.hh/fgf.) (,) re(f!hh/ijHF’/ivH’GE/f./hfhhf/ge)gni(e.) tu(hh)i(hi) *(,) di(i_h/jij)cent.(jvvIH’GE/f!gwhf.) (::)

Sincerely yours
Antoine Phan
(Reported on 2018-01-18 by antoine)

Da pacem

Alleluias for Easter Tide missing (Reported on 2018-02-12 by Wim Veth)

Constitues eos principes

Second and third verses do not appear. (Reported on 2018-03-21 by Wim Veth)