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Deus in adjutorium

This is a duplicate of id 7417 (Reported on 2016-11-20 by abloomfield)


I can not put \"Euouae\" on the line below, got half on top and * was not separated from the second float.
(Reported on 2017-03-03 by Rodrigo Fernandes)

Caecilia virgo Almachium

Duplicate. Please remove. (Reported on 2017-09-30 by Brandon)


It was just for check a problem with the qualisma notation. This entry \"8002\" can be deleted. (Reported on 2017-11-28 by Yolisuhijo)


Seems like a test, in Spanish? (Reported on 2018-03-24 by Wim Veth)


Delete it please (Reported on 2018-04-08 by frater_minor)

Maria Mater gratiae

duplicate of 3030 (Reported on 2018-04-23 by bbloomf)


This appears to be a duplicate of 2622, with an extraneous euouae. (Reported on 2018-05-18 by Locutus)