Reported problems

Deus in adjutorium

This is a duplicate of id 7417 (Reported on 2016-11-20 by abloomfield)

Maria Mater gratiae

duplicate of 3030 (Reported on 2018-04-23 by bbloomf)

Magnificat anima mea

this is a (wrongly transcribed, see second note already) duplicate of
(Reported on 2018-09-21 by mfw)

Exaltabo te, Domine

Page number missing. The Index Antiphonarum does not report an antiphon starting with \"Exaltabo te\" at all. So where does this come from?
(Reported on 2018-09-23 by mfw)

Cantabimus et psallemus

Page number missing. The Index Antiphonarum does not indicate that such an antiphon exists in the AM at all.
(Reported on 2018-09-23 by mfw)

Kyrie II

I want to remove my last correction in

Pierre François
(Reported on 2018-11-05 by Pierre François)

Chorus novae Ierusalem

Transcription differs in many places with source (Liber Hymnarius) both in lyrics and music. It needs to be re-transcribed from scratch. (Reported on 2018-11-07 by SirPL)

Conditor alme siderum

To be removed. Duplicate of (Reported on 2018-11-15 by SirPL)

Kyrie Missa Regia

For deletion: a copy of score 7995, with seemingly arbitrary puncta mora added. Does not match listed source. (Reported on 2018-11-29 by fiat)

Mole gravati

It seems to me that the transcription is not accurate in a couple of places, even the first word:
in the original it is h hhvg
and it is transcribed h hg.
I have the correct GABC transcription completed for the whole hymn and a scan of the original page in the Liber Hymnarius Solesmes 1983, p.422.
How can these be uploaded-updated?

(c4)MO(h)le(hhg) gra(ed)vá(g)ti(hj) crí(ji)mi(hi)num(i_\') (,)ad(k) te,(kj) re(i)gí(ji)na(h) c<sp>\'ae</sp>(ih)li(gh)tum,(h.) (;)con(k)fu(k)gi(i)én(k)tes,(klk) pó(j)sci(i)mus(hiHG\'_) (,)no(i)stris(jk) ut(i) ad(ji)sis(h) pré(ih)ci(gh)bus.(h.) (::)

2. Æ(h)tér(hhg)næ(ed) vi(g)tæ(hj) iá(ji)nu(hi)a,(i_\') (,)au(k)rem(kj) no(i)bis(ji) ac(h)cóm(ih)mo(gh)da,(h.) (;)per(k) quam(k) spes(i) vi(k)tæ(klk) réd(j)i(i)it,(hiHG_\') (,)quam(i) E(jk)va(i) pec(ji)cans(h) áb(ih)stu(gh)lit.(h.) (::)
3. Tu(h) prin(hhg)ceps,(ed) ma(g)ter(hj) Prín(ji)ci(hi)pis,(i_\') (,)vi(k)tam(kj) de(i)pó(ji)sce(h) fá(ih)mu(gh)lis,(h.) (;)et(k) pæ(k)ni(i)tén(k)di(klk) spá(j)ti(i)a(hiHG_\') (,)no(i)bis(jk) in(i)dúl(ji)gens(h) ím(ih)pe(gh)tra.(h.) (::)
4. O(h)rán(hhg)te(ed) te,(g) san(hj)ctís(ji)si(hi)ma,(i_\') (,)san(k)ctó(kj)rum(i) o(ji)rant(h) ág(ih)mi(gh)na;(h.) (;)tu(k)is,(k) re(i)gí(k)na,(klk) pré(j)ci(i)bus(hiHG_\') (,)con(i)ci(jk)li(i)é(ji)tur(h) Dó(ih)mi(gh)nus.(h.) (::)
5. Re(h)gná(hhg)trix(ed) ma(g)ter(hj) óm(ji)ni(hi)um,(i_\') (,)vo(k)ta(kj) com(i)ple(ji) fi(h)dé(ih)li(gh)um,(h.) (;)ac(k) vi(k)tam(i) nos(k) post(klk) frá(j)gi(i)lem(hiHG_\') (,)ad(i) ve(jk)ram(i) per(ji)duc(h) ré(ih)qui(gh)em.(h.) (::)
6. Sit(h) laus(hhg) Pa(ed)tri(g) cum(hj) Fí(ji)li(hi)o(i_\') (,)et(k) Spí(kj)ri(i)tu(ji) Pa(h)rá(ih)cli(gh)to,(h.) (;)qui(k) te(k) præ(i) cun(k)ctis(klk) c<sp>\'ae</sp>(j)li(i)ca(hiHG_\') (;)ex(i)or(jk)na(i)vé(ji)runt(h) gló(ih)ri(gh)a.(h.) (::)
A(hih)men.(gh..) (::)

This is my first participation since I finally was able to register after many attempts over almost a year.
I LOVE GREGORIO and has provided for me the possibility to sing the Office in Gregorian regularly on Sundays and feasts.
(Reported on 2018-12-05 by diocesanhermit)

Confortate manus dissolutas

This antiphon doesn\'t work with a mode 1. psalm.
It seems to be a mode 2.
(Reported on 2018-12-09 by diocesanhermit)