Reported problems

Deus in adjutorium

This is a duplicate of id 7417 (Reported on 2016-11-20 by abloomfield)

Maria Mater gratiae

duplicate of 3030 (Reported on 2018-04-23 by bbloomf)

Exaltabo te, Domine

Page number missing. The Index Antiphonarum does not report an antiphon starting with \"Exaltabo te\" at all. So where does this come from?
(Reported on 2018-09-23 by mfw)

Cantabimus et psallemus

Page number missing. The Index Antiphonarum does not indicate that such an antiphon exists in the AM at all.
(Reported on 2018-09-23 by mfw)

Chorus novae Ierusalem

Transcription differs in many places with source (Liber Hymnarius) both in lyrics and music. It needs to be re-transcribed from scratch. (Reported on 2018-11-07 by SirPL)

Conditor alme siderum

To be removed. Duplicate of (Reported on 2018-11-15 by SirPL)

Kyrie Missa Regia

For deletion: a copy of score 7995, with seemingly arbitrary puncta mora added. Does not match listed source. (Reported on 2018-11-29 by fiat)

Virgam virtutis

Missing source (Reported on 2019-04-15 by SirPL)

Sancta et immaculata

duplicate of id#3189 (Reported on 2019-10-24 by fiat)

O Sapiéntia

Duplicate of 4463 (Reported on 2019-10-29 by SirPL)

Confirmatum est (Resp.)

Deest spatium inter notas in versu hoc responsorii, ad \"DE-I\". Cur ? (Reported on 2019-12-08 by gregofacsimil)

Impetum fecerunt (Resp.)

ad \"fiLIO\" deest spatium inter notas (Reported on 2019-12-08 by gregofacsimil)

Centum quadraginta (Resp.)

Spatia desunt inter pluribus notarum, e.g. \"Ideo\"....cur ? (Reported on 2019-12-11 by gregofacsimil)

Videntes stellam Magi (Resp.)

Deest spatium inter notas ad \"su-is\" (Reported on 2019-12-14 by gregofacsimil)

Dixit Dominus Domino

Duplicate of 7989 (Reported on 2020-04-03 by Andrew Hinkley)

Gemma cæléstis

Duplicate of 7487 (Reported on 2020-07-11 by rcarey)

Rector potens (In Dominicis per Annum)

Duplicate of 8650 (Reported on 2020-07-18 by rcarey)

Psalmus 84

initial V/. doesn\'t show (Reported on 2020-09-09 by mapacali)

Benedixisti Domine

In the alphabetical ordering of the scores vowels with and without accent are treated differntly, so that \"benedixísti\" comes before \"benedictus\". (Reported on 2020-09-30 by joerghu)

Gloria Patri

Bracket super last amen doesn\'t work (Reported on 2020-10-10 by mapacali)

Anima nostra

Right before the first Verse there is a change in clef. Using the \"z0\" signal to force a custos produces the correct result on the \"Source and Summit\" editor, but an incorrect custos on the PDF/PNG generated by GregoBase. (Reported on 2020-12-30 by Benjamin George)


Do these really need to use numeric incipit? It breaks the home page letters line. (Reported on 2021-01-04 by jakub)