• Add an editing interface: The aim of this project is to be wiki-like where anybody could fix mistakes or add new scores.
  • Add a booklet creation interface: Help with the preparation of chant booklets is a very demanded feature.
  • Clean the code and publish it.
  • Define a format for booklets and complex scores: there is already Andrew’s mgabc format but it’s using the <sc> tag for the gabc parts, which is a valid gabc tag for small-caps. We also need a way to deal with the cases where some notated part have a big initial while other don’t. Etc.


  1. Benjamin George
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    Will you be adding a search box? I like that you have everything organized, but perhaps someone might not know where to look for a specific text. Also, there are several texts that don’t really fit in any of the categories you have. Pater Noster (in its various settings) for instance, or the various Gloria Patri in their tones.

    • Aristotle Esguerra
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      Let me add my voice to Benjamin’s as regards the Pater Noster and other chants of the Order of Mass.

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        Which categories would you add for these?

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          I would be glad to have a category “Cantus in ordine missæ occurentes” like in the Graduale Romanum (Solesmes, 1979, pp. 798 ss.) and another one “Præfationes in tono solemni” like in the Ordo Missæ in cantu (Solesmes, 1995, pp. 19 ss.).

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      YES. It is a must to have a search box.

      • Gary Hess
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        I see mentions of a “search box” in 2013 and 2017. Here is a a useful tip:

        Google automatically indexes websites like GregoBase. If I want to specifically search just this site for “Pater Noster”, the Google search term is as follows: “Pater Noster”

        Here is a corresponding link:“Pater+Noster”

  2. Albert Bloomfield
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    It would be nice if you could have links on the individual chants to other chants nearby from the same book or at least a link to the source.php that scrolls down to the page that it is from.

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      Now there is a link to the previous and next chant next to the source image.
      You can also browse through the source images and add chants from there.

  3. Albert Bloomfield
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    It also might be nice to be able to have tags, so you could tag chants for a certain feast with the feast, and then if an offertory or something is used for two occasions it could be tagged with both.

  4. Benjamin George
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    Perhaps it would help if there was a button for non-GABC-educated types to note that there seems to be a problem with a score and give a description of the problem that an experienced GABCer can then look at and repair. That way you can have tons of non-GABCers proof-reading texts, leaving GABCers the time to go create scores etc.

  5. Travis Yeager
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    Is there any interest in uploading historical sources of chant? I’m thinking of not only the Ratisbon Gradual and the Medicea, but even medieval manuscript sources. It may be worthwhile also to get in touch with the folks at the CANTUS database ( to see if there is any interest in linking this database to theirs and vice versa, or even some collaboration.

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      I think any source is worth it… if somebody wants to retranscribe it…

  6. InNomine
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    In Alma Redemptioris Mater (Simple tone) is “matura mirante” instead of “natura mirante”.

    Thank you for your work!

  7. Ferdinand Velasco
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    Olivier, thanks for adding Aurora lucis rutilat.
    I’ve attempted to transcribe the remaining verses in case it would be helpful:
    name:Aurora lucis rutila;
    book:Antiphonale Monasticum, 1934, p. 455 & Antiphonale Monasticum, 1934, p. 470;
    (c4)AU(g)ró(h’)ra(g) lu(h)cis(i) rú(j’)ti(h)lat,(i’) (,)
    Cæ(i)lum(i’) láu(j)di(h)bus(g) ín(h’)to(j)nat,(ijwk/JI.) (;)
    Mun(h)dus(i’) ex(j)súl(k)tans(i) jú(j’)bi(j)lat,(i’) (,)
    Ge(h)mens(i’) in(j)fér(i)nus(h) ú(i’)lu(h)lat :(g.) (::)
    2. Cum(g) Rex(h’) il(g)le(h) for(i)tís(j’)si(h)mus,(i’) (,)
    Mor(i)tis(i’) con(j)frác(h)tis(g) ví(h’)ri(j)bus,(ijwk/JI.) (;)
    Pe(h)de(i’) con(j)cúl(k)cans(i) tár(j’)ta(j)ra,(i’) (,)
    Sol(h)vit(i’) a(j) poe(i)na(h) mís(i’)e(h)ros.(g.) (::)
    3. Il(g)le(h’) qui(g) cla(h)sus(i) lá(j’)pi(h)de,(i’) (,)
    Cus(i)to(i’)dí(j)tur(h) sub(g) mí(h’)li(j)te,(ijwk/JI.) (;)
    Tri(h)úm(i’)phans(j) pom(k)pa(i) nó(j’)bi(j)li,(i’) (,)
    Vic(h)tor(i’) sur(j)git(i) de(h) fú(i’)ne(h)re.(g.) (::)
    4. So(g)lú(h’)tis(g) jam(h) ge(i)mí(j’)ti(h)bus,(i’) (,)
    Et(i) in(i’)fér(j)ni(h) do(g)ló(h’)ri(j)bus,(ijwk/JI.) (;)
    Qui(h)a(i’) sur(j)réx(k)it(i) Dó(j’)mi(j)nus,(i’) (,)
    Res(h)plén(i’)dens(j) cla(i)mat(h) An(i’)ge(h)lus.(g.) (::)
    5. Qu’ae(g)su(h’)mus,(g) Auc(h)tor(i) óm(j’)ni(h)um.(i’) (,)
    In(i) hoc(i’) pas(j)chá(h)li(g) gáu(h’)di(j)o,(ijwk/JI.) (;)
    Ab(h) om(i’)ni(j) mor(k)tis(i) ím(j’)pe(j)tu(i’) (,)
    Tu(h)um(i’) de(j)fén(i)de(h) pó(i’)pu(h)lum.(g.) (::)
    6. Gló(g)ri(h’)a(g) ti(h)bi(i) Dó(j’)mi(h)ne,(i’) (,)
    Qui(i) sur(i’)ré(j)xisti(h) a(g) mór(h’)tu(j)is,(ijwk/JI.) (;)
    Cum(h) Patre(i’) et(j) San(k)cto(i) Spí(j’)ri(j)tu,(i’) (,)
    In(h) sem(i’)pi(j)tér(i)na(h) s’ae(i’)cu(h)la.(g.) (::)
    A(ghg)men.(f.g.) (::)

  8. Fr Matias
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    Is it possible to order scores according to the calendar, either “de tempore” or “sanctis”?
    Perhaps when I add a new score I can put it in the appropriate place on the calendar. Is this possible?

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Brother Matías.

    • | Permalink

      This is what tags are meant for. But I should indeed improve the interface for selecting tags…

      • Fr Matias
        | Permalink

        Ok, thanks.

        I have a new question.
        Is it possible to write “annotations” in Roman numerals?
        And special characters, like as “A /”?

        • | Permalink

          I’m working on score customization option but I’m very slow so I can’t give you any ETA…

  9. | Permalink

    Could you add the Dominican Processionarium to the list of sources? It has some interesting chants not easily found elsewhere, particularly for the Officium Defunctorum such as the antiphon Clementissime.
    You can download it at (as you probably know.)

  10. | Permalink

    Thank you. Another Dominican request: could you please include among the sources the Officium Hebdomadæ Sanctæ ( as it contains some unique chants – e.g. the Dominican version of “Ave Rex Noster” sung at the entrance to the Church on Palm Sunday. Thank you. – Martin OP

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    I think there is one error about the Introit GAUDETE Solesmes version.
    At the second gaudete i think there have one error : solesmes version graduale triplex page 21 (fa sol fa mi FA). In your version ‘(marked Solesmes also) FA is absent, why ?
    Antoine Phan

  12. BenB
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  13. aaronwillms
    | Permalink

    Can the 2007 Psalterium Monasticum be added as a source?

    • | Permalink

      Is there a 2007 Psalterium Monasticum? I added the 1981 one…

      • aaronwillms
        | Permalink

        I misread the number when I looked at it quickly. 2012 (reprint of the 1981 edition).

  14. Wim Veth
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    I think the Iesu Redemptor is double?

  15. Wim Veth
    | Permalink

    Does the possibility exist to add the Praefationes in cantu, Solesmes, 1972 as a source?

    I didn’t discover how to upload a scanned page of a source as part of the documentation. Could you please explain? Thank you!

  16. benyanke
    | Permalink

    Is there an API planned/in place to access the database?

  17. | Permalink
  18. | Permalink

    There are two different Alleluias with the incipit Laudate Dominum. In the database, one of them is only available in the Dominican version and the other only in the Solesmes version. I am looking for the Solesmes version of the Alleluia Laudate Dominum which is currently only available in the Dominican version, namely the Alleluia for the 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time with the text “Laudate Dominum, omnes gentes : et collaudate eut, omnes populi”. Could this be added?

  19. Wim Veth
    | Permalink

    For a nicer user experience, would it be possible to have the same complete alphabetic row of incipits repeated above each page of individual index pages?
    The result like this:
    (no incipit) A B C D E F G H I etc.



  20. Lucy
    | Permalink

    What has happened to the propers? ~I cant seem to be able to translate into Psalm tone as I could before. In fact I can even see them.

  21. MarekKlein
    | Permalink

    Hello, thank you for all your great work!
    It would be very nice to have the possibility to add the Cantus ID field ( to the chant and to have the possibility to search by this field.

    • | Permalink

      I just added the field. Someday there will be a search possibility 😉

      • MarekKlein
        | Permalink

        Thank you! 🙂

        • MarekKlein
          | Permalink

          Hello Olivier, you probably do not have time for this. I am not a PHP expert, but I do know some basics. Maybe I could help with it?

  22. Emmanuel Hermitage
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    Hello amazing Gregorio people,
    I’m a regular user of the database and have tried to register several times but didn’t work, have no idea what to do.

    Today I’m preparing the booklet for this coming Sunday liturgy O.T. XIII B, and the Maginificat antiphon taken from OP Antiphonarium Gillet, NON ENIM MISIT DEUS FILIUM…. has the wrong clef line, should be (c3) instead of (c4).

    May God bless you abundantly for your magnificent project. Many thanks.

  23. Emmanuel Hermitage
    | Permalink

    I have created the GABC for/transcribed the rest of the Hymn ECCE JAM NOCTIS.
    Is there a way that I can make it available?

  24. Emmanuel Hermitage
    | Permalink

    Hello again,

    There is a flat missing in the transcription of the Resp. Redemisti nos
    at sangui-ne.

    • SirPL
      | Permalink

      Thank you for your finding. I fixed the issue and some others.
      By the way: did you know that next to each transcription there is a “report a problem” link? Please use it for such reports.

    | Permalink

    Hi I can’t find Incipit Oratio Jeremiae Prophétae. Is it available on this website ? We can find it at this one: but it is not complete and it seems not in GregoBase. I found it in Liber usualis of Solesmes, 1961, pp. 758 and ss.
    PS: your website is excellent. Claude

  26. Simon
    | Permalink


    There is a problem with

    Fifth line down has notes extending beyond the staff.



    • Benjamin George
      | Permalink

      I believe I fixed it. I added a neum break / and it worked, but that was indeed a strange issue.

  27. Benjamin George
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    Please add the 1934 Kyriale Supplement:

  28. Carlos Abril del Die
    | Permalink

    O caelestis norma vitae, antiphon, Mode1?

  29. pbeda
    | Permalink

    Is there a way to tell the site that there are adiastematic neumes in the source and to have them printed?

    I just added the Antiphona Scientes and the result looks funny.

    Greetings Beda

  30. CMSacrae
    | Permalink

    Several asks:

    * Add the source “Variae preces” (Solesmes 1892) – available here:

    * Add Rhythmus, Prosa and Tropa as usages

    * Some curating of tags (e.g., standardize capitalization and format) would be helpful at this point and enable tagging to grow

    • | Permalink

      Added source and usages. For the curating of tags, ideas and goodwills welcome 😉

  31. | Permalink

    Is it possible to add the two volumes of the Antiphonarium Sacri Ordinis Praedicatorum of Jandel (published 1863) to the sources? They contain a lot of chants difficult to find elsewhere, a number of which are referred to (but not actually reprinted) in the modern Proprium of the Order. These include especially the extended responsories, which were an important feature of First Vespers in the Dominican use. ( I have already transcribed a couple, but I had to submit them as “no source”. The pdf of the Antiphonal can be found at and ) Thanks for providing this magnificent service, GregoBase!

  32. rcarey
    | Permalink

    Can you add to the source list the OSB propers from the Graduale Monasticum (1948):


  33. Ben George
    | Permalink

    Could you publish a few news items on the front page every so often? The last post is from 2015. Maybe you could tell us about news in the world of GABC development, or new sources added to the database, or new tools for GABC work. New books published. Things like that.

    Merry Christmas!

  34. Belo
    | Permalink

    Good evenning i need make download of Hymnarium Cisterciense 1952 – Westmalle. Anyone can send me the link for download these book? ??

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