Summary of GABC

Summary of GABC v5


  1. Martin Senftleben
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    I’m looking for a way to produce note bars (no idea how they are called). What I mean is:
    when singing psalms, there are usually many syllables sung on a single note, and I don’t want this note to be printed for everay syllable, but as a long note that stretches over the entire text that’s sung on this one note. How is that possible? Or: is there anywhere a full reference of GABC, preferably as pdf?



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      As far as I know this isn’t possible with Gregorio. You could ask at for it to be added.


    • Ir. Tomás
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      You can use the “white” neume. It is used to imply many syllables with the same ‘note’. just add r to the gabc notation

    • atanacio
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      note+r …example: (hr) note wite

    • Lincoln
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      You can use the symbol with “R” : ex: t{e}xt sung in one note(gR)
      The brackets { } will align the note with the first letters of the text.

  2. Jan Go-ski
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    Full reference of gabc and Gregorio program you can find at: . Look for release of Gregorio program you use and download file GregorioRef-x_y_z.pdf, where x_y_z is your release number. For newest release filename is GregorioRef.pdf.
    In this file you find “Appendix A Font Glyph Tables”. Table A.1 contains list of all font glyphs and gabc code to obtain it.

  3. Radulphus
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    GregoBase is wonderful! But how can I open GABC with MAC and OpenOffice oder other program without finding a lot of strange chiffres in the text?

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      GABC is text with “strange chiffres”. If you want a picture, choose eps or png instead.

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    I’m trying to do bold text for certain parts to encourage the congregation to join in some of the chants, but I get “syntax Error” when trying to generate pdf. I’m putting either side of the phrase like this – what am I doing wrong?

  5. Janis
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    This is probably a common question, but is there a way to force a line break in the notation in Gregorio? I’ve been searching, but this appears to be a missing feature in the online editors I’m finding. 🙁 Any help would be appreciated!

    • Christophorus
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      (z) or (Z) They do slightly different things. There’s also a (0) or (1) that tweaks it further.

    • Veaceslav
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      try to put (Z)

    • David
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      Use Z or z within brackets.

  6. Nancy Pilar
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    Muchas gracias…es muy útil. justo lo buscaba las partitura del canto gregoriano y me encontré con un tesoro. Gracias Gracias,,,,

  7. Sr Michaela
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    I’m adding the hymns of the “Bernardine hymnal”, the 2d cistercian hymnal. Would you please add as source:
    “Badische Landesbibliothek Karlsruhe, Hymnarium cisterciense – Lichtenthal 28”
    and I’ve a problem with the Westmalle Hymnarium because we don’t have the 1909 edition, only the 1952’s one, and pages are different so I leave that field blank. If you know an online resource where I can find the pages, please let me know – or is it better add the 1952 as another source?
    thanks a lot

  8. Stephen Thudium
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    Is there software that will play the music that is written in GABC? I am familiar with the Square Note: Gregorian Chant app that was released by the Oblates of St. Joseph in 2017. It plays from a list of over 600 pre-stored chants, but does not read GABC.

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    The JavaScript-based JGABC can compile/render GABC code

  10. Father Bruno
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    Good morning.

    I have in a Word file some musical notes from the mass that was sent to me. When I open the file, it gets disconnected and many strange characters come out telling me that I don’t have the font or character to read the notes. I have already installed 7 possible lyrics fonts for Gregorian, but the original text is still not identified. You know a program or character to read those notes and the file is complete for printing.

    I will be grateful in advance for your answer.

    Father Bruno

  11. Wim Veth
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    Somehow this page looks garbled on my computer. It used to show normal, now the gregorio symbols above are out of place, the images below it are empty.
    Could it be related to an upgrade of software?
    Cordial greetings & many thanks!

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    I just begun to play with the new version of the editor and it looks great and promizing. Really, a stuff like this was in my dreams from tens of years, and neow is there! Thanks a lot.
    Just a small question: is there any way to end a line and have the further scores running on a new one?

    • Sarah B
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      This was given by another user in answer to (what I think is) the same question.

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