History - Dixit Dominus Domino

Apr 11, 2013 (bbloomf)

Fixed the placement of the * indicating the end of the intonation. It had previously been marking the mediant of the verse, which no longer applies, since this is now the antiphon itself rather than a mix of the beginning of the antiphon and the end of the verse (which I fixed in my previous edit)

"(c3) DIx(g)it(h) D\u00f3(i)mi(j)nus(i.) *(,) D\u00f3(i_h)mi(f)no(h) me(g_f)o:(e.) *(;) Se(f)de(f') a(d) dex(fh)tris(g) m\u00e9(e.)is.(e.) (::)"