History - Gloria tibi

Sep 23, 2013 (Mark)

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"% !TEX TS-program = gregorio\r\n% !TEX encoding = UTF-8\r\n\r\n% The first part of the score is called the header, you can input some useful informations here:\r\n\r\nname: Gl\u00f3ria t\u00edbi Tr\u00ednitas;\r\noffice-part: 1 Antiphon;\r\nmode: 1f;\r\noccasion: Trinity Sunday;\r\ndate: 2011;\r\ntranscriber: Albert Bloomfield;\r\ntranscription-date: 2011;\r\nstyle: modern;\r\nannotation: 1 Ant.;\r\nannotation: 1. f;\r\n\r\n% Then, when gregorio encounters the following line (%%), it switches to the score, where you input the notes\r\n\r\n%%\r\n\r\n% The syntax in this part is called gabc. Please refer to http://home.gna.org/gregorio/gabc/#basis\r\n\r\n(c4)GL\u00f3(d!ewf)ri(d)a(d) <v>\\greheightstar</v>(,) t\u00ed(dd_c)bi(f_g) Tr\u00ed(gf)ni(gh)tas(h'_)(,) \u00e6(h)qu\u00e1(hij)lis,(h') (,) \u00fa(h)na(gf) D\u00e9(g)i(gh)tas,(h.) (;) et(h) an(h!ijk_v_J_H'_i)te(h') \u00f3m(h)ni(h)a(hg) s<sp>'ae</sp>(h)cu(gf)la,(g.h.) (;) et(f) nunc,(ghg) et(fe) in(f) per(fgf~)p\u00e9(d)tu(cd)um.(d.) (::) E(h) u(h) o(g) u(f) a(gh) e.(g.f.) (::)"