History - Adorate Deum

Jan 15, 2015 (PDLopes)

Corrected the point in a note of "fíliae"; added a point in the end of "Glória Patri."

"(c2) AD(c)o(ff)r\u00e1(g)te(f) *() De(g_f)um(fhg/hffe.) (,) o(e!f'g~)mnes(g) An(ii)ge(jiif)li(f_d) e(ef~)jus(c.) (:) au(d)d\u00ed(ffd)vit,(fe/fddc.) (,) et(dfe) lae(fg)t\u00e1(gh)ta(f_d) est(ff) Si(fgF'E)on:(f.) (:) et(f) ex(g)sul(f)ta(fg)v\u00e9(gffvED)runt(ff) (,) f\u00ed(g)li(c)ae(cd.d!ewf_e) Ju(fffd/ffd)dae(dc..) <i>Ps.</i>(::) D\u00f3(cfe)mi(fg)nus(g) re(g)gn\u00e1(g)vit,(g) ex(g)s\u00fal(gi)tet(h) ter(hg~)ra:(gh..) *(:) lae(ge)t\u00e9n(fg)tur(g) \u00edn(g!hwi)su(g')lae(f) mul(fff)tae.(dc..) (::) Gl\u00f3(cfe)ri(fg)a(g) Pa(g)tri.(g) (::) E(g) u(g!hwi) o(g') u(f) a(fff) e.(dc..) (::)"