History - Inclitus rector (Pro Episcopo)

Aug 02, 2019 (gsmisek)

Changed incipit 'Inclytus rector' to 'Inclitus rector' and corrected spelling and capitalization throughout and added one comma to match stated source; restored neumatic break before quilisma-pes, per the source. Moved verses 2-4 to Hymn Verses per site standard.

"(c4)In(ghg)cli(e)tus(f) rec(g.)tor(g.) (,) pa(h)ter(f) at(h)que(j) pru(ih)dens,(g.) (;)\r\ncu(j_)ius(h) in(j)s\u00ed(ih)gnem(g.) (,) c\u00f3(h)li(g)mus(e) tri(f)\u00fam(g.)phum,(g.) (:)\r\nis(gf)te(e) con(g)f\u00e9s(fe)sor(dc) si(c)ne(d) fi(e)ne(f) l\u00e6(gh)tus(hg__) (,)\r\nre(hiwji)gnat(hg) in(hih) as(g.)tris.(g.) (::)"