History - Bonitas Domini

Nov 24, 2019 (Benjamin George)

Added comment about discrepancy between GR and LU and also fixed long episemas over torculi.

"(c4) BO(fgf)ni(fgf)tas(f!g'h) D\u00f3(hjHG')mi(hggfg)ni(gf..) *(;) De(hj)i(jh) no(jlKJ'ji)stri(jjj//hjG'Fg.) (,) sit(d/ff//gh/j.h!iwj) su(f)per(fgf__) nos,(f.) (:) et(f) o(g)pus(f) m\u00e1(g.h!iw!jvIH)nu(hih__)um(h.) no(h_g~)str\u00e1(ixgiHG')rum(hggf.) (,) se(g)c\u00fan(hfg)da(hj) no(jkJ'H//jjj_h//jkJ'H)bis,(hih.___) (:) et(f) o(g)pus(h) m\u00e1(j!kwlkl_vKJ)nu(jk!lvKJ'k)um(kj__) no(j)str\u00e1(j_ijvIH'i)rum(ih__) (,) se(h)c\u00fan(h_g/hjg__/hv_GF'g)da.(gf..) <i>T. P.</i>(::) Al(fh)le(g!jjj/kj'/ki'jvH'Fg. , fhhgh//jki'/jh)l\u00fa(fgf___)ia.(f.) (::)"

The LU and GR disagree on the placement of an episema over the last MANUUM. The transcription here follows the LU.