History - Requiem (Intr.)

Sep 28, 2020 (WilliamJKHare)

attempt to fix clash between the neumes for "e-" and "-is" at start of third system

"(c4) RE(ffg)qui(f)em(f) *() ae(f!g'h)t\u00e9r(hggfg)nam(gf..) (;) do(f!g'h)na(hg) e(h)is(ixhjHG'hw!ivHG') D\u00f3(f)mi(fg!hvGF'g)ne:(gf..) (:) et(hg~) lux(hvGF') per(h)p\u00e9(gh)tu(gf)a(f.) (;) l\u00fa(hg)ce(h)at(ixhjHG'hw!ivHG) e(fg!hvGF'g )is.(gf..) <i>Ps.</i>(::) Te(fg) de(gf)cet(gh) hym(h)nus(h) De(h)us(h) in(h) Si(g)on,(h.) (;) et(f) ti(g)bi(h) red(h)d\u00e9(h)tur(h) vo(h)tum(h) in(h) Je(g)r\u00fa(ixi)sa(g)lem:(h.) *(:) ex(f)\u00e1u(gh~)di(h) o(h)ra(h)ti(h)\u00f3(h)nem(h) me(h)am,(h.) (;) ad(h) te(h) o(h)mnis(h) ca(f)ro(gh) v\u00e9(g)ni(f)et.(f.) (::) R\u00e9(ffg)qui(f)em.(f) (::)"