History - Venite exsultemus

Jan 13, 2021 (rleduc)

Remove useless tags

In Latex file with 12pt article style and gregorio.tex use \grechangenextscorelinedim{14}{spaceabovelines}{1cm plus 0.36461cm minus 0.09114cm}{scalable}\r \grechangenextscorelinedim{14}{abovelinestextraise}{0.3cm}{scalable} a to deal with the invitatory antiphon instruction on the 14th line\r Requires LaTeX compiling twice to get correct appearance.; Originally typeset using default options in 12pt article style, US letter.

{["1":"Psalmus Innovitation:III.f","0":"annotation:Ps.94","2":"book:Nocturnale Romanum, 2002, Hartker, p.XXVIII"}]