History - Mihi autem absit. Ps. Voce

Jun 22, 2021 (Jacques Perriere)

crucifí-xus, space before colon, space after alteration, raising and lowering episemas, dot after Glória Patri and Euouae

"(f3) MI(e)hi(f) au(f)tem(hh) *(,) ab(ihi)sit(ihi_[oh:h]f) glo(hj)ri(ih)\u00e1(hg)ri,(e_[uh:l]f) (;) ni(fi)si(i) in(i) cru(kx/i!jwkj)ce(ji__) (,) D\u00f3(ij)mi(ih)ni(hv.gih) no(fge)stri(f.) (,) Je(f)su(hhi) Chri(fgF'E)sti,(e.) (:) per(h) quem(hhh) mi(f)hi(fi) mun(i)dus(h) cru(h)ci(hi)f\u00edx(i)xus(h) est,(hji.) (;) et(hihh) e(ef!hhi)go(h) mun(hjI~'H~)do.(hhh/f_[oh:h]g_[oh:h]f.___[oh:h]) <i>Ps.</i>(::) Vo(e)ce(fe) me(eh)a(h) ad(h) D\u00f3(h)mi(hg)num(hi) cla(i)m\u00e1(hi)vi :(h.) *(:) vo(hf)ce(fh) me(h)a(h) ad(h) D\u00f3(h)mi(h)num(h') de(i)pre(hf)c\u00e1(h)tus(ge) sum.(fgf.) (::) Gl\u00f3(e)ri(fe)a(eh) Pa(h)tri.(h) (::) E(h') u(i) o(hf) u(h) a(ge) e.(fgf.) (::)"