History - Angelus Domini apparuit (Intr.)

Jul 03, 2021 (Jacques Perriere)

space:, episemas on the same level, dot after Glória Patri and Euouae

"(c3) AN(eh~)ge(h)lus(h) D\u00f3(gh)mi(h)ni(h.) *(,) ap(h)p\u00e1(hhh)ru(fe)it(e.) in(fh~) so(ghG~'F~)mnis(g_[oh:h]f) <nlba>Jo(e)seph,(ef/gef.) </nlba>(,) di(fiHG'h)cens :(ggh.) (:) Sur(fi~)ge,(i) et(i) \u00e1c(i)ci(i)pe(i) p\u00fa(hi)e(i)rum,(i.) (,) et(i) <nlba>ma(hjij)trem(h_g)</nlba> e(giH~'G~)jus,(ggh.) (;) et(fe~) fu(f!gwh)ge(e) in(e) \u00c6(ed)g\u00fd(dfE'DevDC)ptum.(c.) <i>Ps.</i>(::) Ec(e)ce(fh) e(h)lon(h)g\u00e1(i)vi(h) f\u00fa(h)gi(gf)ens :(hhh) *(:) et(ge~) man(fh)si(h) in(h) so(hhg)li(fe)t\u00fa(f')di(g)ne.(ef..) (::) Gl\u00f3(e)ri(fh)a(h) Pa(h)tri.(h) (::) E(h) u(hhg) o(fe) u(f') a(g) e.(ef..) (::)"