History - Lex veritatis

Aug 01, 2021 (Jacques Perriere)

in-íquitas, in-iquitáte, space :, dot after Glória Patri and Euouae, ancus on 'ejus' (twice) and 'invénta', raising one episema, raising a note on 'iniquitáte'

"(c4) LEX(d!f'g) ve(gh)ri(f)t\u00e1(fh/ji)tis(ih) *(,) fu(jjj)it(hg) in(g) o(ghG'F)re(f) e(ixhiH~'G~)jus,(hg..) (;) et(j) in(h)n\u00ed(iij)qui(hg)tas(gh) non(h) est(hfh) in(h)v\u00e9n(ixhiH~'G~)ta(hg..) (,) in(g) l\u00e1(gh/ji)bi(jjj)is(gh) e(ixhiH~'F~)jus :(f.) (:) in(f) pa(gh)ce(h) et(g) in(h) ae(f)qui(g)t\u00e1(h)te(g.) (,) am(h)bu(g)l\u00e1(f!gwh)vit(hf) me(ixgih)cum,(h.) (;) et(jj) mul(j)tos(hkj) a(j)v\u00e9r(jjjhhf~)tit(f.) (,) ab(f) in(g_[oh:h]f)ni(fh/jhi)qui(jjvIH'iw!jvIH)t\u00e1(gh!ivHG'h)te.(hg..) <i>Ps.</i>(::) At(g)t\u00e9n(hg)di(gj)te,(j) p\u00f3(j)pu(j)le(j) me(j)us,(ji) le(jk)gem(k) me(jk)am :(j.) *(:) in(jh~)cli(hj)n\u00e1(j)te(j) au(j)rem(j) ve(j)stram(j) in(j) ver(j)ba(jji) o(gh)ris(ji) me(h)i.(g.) (::) Gl\u00f3(g)ri(hg)a(gj) Pa(j)tri.(j) (::) E(j) u(jji) o(gh) u(ji) a(h) e.(ghd___/ffg.) (::)"