History - Corona tribulationis

Aug 01, 2021 (Jacques Perriere)

Allelú{ia}, two punctum mora down, four ictus up, adding a note d on 'lú' the same as 'ó' from 'exsultatiónis'

"(c4) AL(dhh)le(hvGF'ED)l\u00fa(d dc/gv.fg!hvGFE'e){ia}.(d.) *(;) <i>ij.</i>(ixdh!ivHG'Fghhhv'1GF'ED'Cd.) (;) (ixdh!ivHG'Fghhhv'1GFE'ed.0) <sp>V/</sp>.(::) Co(cd)r\u00f3(dh_GFgvFE'D)na(cd) (,) tri(de/fd)bu(cd)la(dvCA)ti(cd)\u00f3(d_c/d!ewfd)nis(d.) (;) ef(dh)fl\u00f3(hvGFgf)ru(gh)it(h.) (,) in(h) co(hg)r\u00f3(fg)nam(g) gl\u00f3(dfe/ded)ri(cd)ae,(d.) (;) et(d) ser(dvCA)tum(cd) *() ex(de/fd)sul(cd)ta(dhh)ti(hvGF'ED)\u00f3(ddc/gv.fg!hvGFE'e)nis.(d.) (;) (ixdh!ivHG'Fghhhv'1GF'ED'Cd.) (;) (ixdh!ivHG'Fghhhv'1GFE'ed.0) (::)"

It looks like the Graduale Romanum missed printing a note d on 'lú' from Allelúia', it should mimic the notes on 'ó' from 'exsultatiónis'; it should be (ddc) and not (d c): there shouldn't be a space between d and c.