History - Nisi granum frumenti ... manet.

Oct 03, 2021 (joerghu)

Added dot to incipit (according to OCO)

"initial-style: 1;\r\nname: Nisi granum frumenti ... manet.\r\nbook: Antiphonae & Responsoria/Tomus II, p. 83;\r\noccasion: Hebdomada V Quadragesimae Dominica;\r\noffice-part: Vesperae I Ant E;\r\nuser-notes: ;\r\ncommentary: ;\r\nannotation: 5a;\r\ncentering-scheme: english;\r\nfontsize: 12;\r\nfont: OFLSortsMillGoudy;\r\nheight: 11;\r\nwidth: 4.5;\r\n%%\r\n(c3)Ni(d)si(fh) gra(h)num(hg) fru(fe)m\u00e9n(hi)ti(h) <v>\\greheightstar</v>(`) ca(hi)dens(j) in(i) ter(hi>)ram(f) (,) m\u00f3r(fe~)tu(f)um(e) f\u00fa(d)e(ef)rit,(f) (;) i(f)psum(h) so(f)lum(ef>) ma(d)net.(d) (::)\r\nE(h) u(h) o(ui) u(g) a(h) e.(f) (::)\r\n"

Nisi granum frumenti ... manet.