History - Factus in agonia

Feb 11, 2022 (rleduc)

Note height at -us of prolixus; period in commentary; remark on possible source error in EUOUAE.

{\itshape\mdseries Luc.22,43.44;\/} {\bfseries AC\textsuperscript{vig.}322}

"(c4)Fa(e)ctus(ed) in(g) a(h)go(g)n\u00ed(hj)a,(j) <v>\\greheightstarp>*</vsp>(,) pro(j)l\u00ed(ji)xi(h)us(ji) o(h)r\u00e1(g)bat,(g) (;) et(g) fa(h)ctus(g) est(hj) su(j)dor(hj~) e(ji~)jus(g) (,) si(i)cut(j) gut(k)t\u00e6(ji) s\u00e1n(h)gui(g)nis(h) de(g)cur(g)r\u00e9n(g>)tis(d) in(fgf) ter(e)ram.(e) (::) E(i) U(i) O(ji) U(hi) A(h) E.(gh) (::)"

Possible error in source: first two notes of EUOUAE ought to be on do (j)? That would match ending a2 in Antiphonale Romanum 1924/1949/1960.