History - Ponam in eis signum

Jul 28, 2022 (Verbum Gloriae)

Added links to original sources

Introit for the Mass of the Feast of St. James, Apostle in Spain. Is there a PDF or picture for the source score? https://forum.musicasacra.com/forum/discussion/20131 Source code in 1909-Missae Propriae Sanctorum qui in Hispania celebrantur (Supplement to the Graduale Romanum N.º 696A, 1910), pages 63-66: https://mega.nz/file/7doWRZ6Z#DtPDXSnKYCq6-2dqjikNAxMm8Kjlow0P_tTSIFOYO0I And in 1927-Supplementum pro Hispaniae Dioecesibus (Liber Usualis N.º 780A, 1930), pages 55-59: https://mega.nz/file/qAwC3LxZ#-76g15j5wXnlKFcAvfTMTyBUaetPhEXRJgOWL6nuwK8 I (Verbum Gloriae) scanned both Spanish supplements and uploaded them to my Spanish website of apostolate of Gregorian Chant: https://www.verbumgloriae.es/recursos/libros/#seccion4