History - Magnus Dominus

Aug 10, 2022 (xmarteo)

Fixed display error by adding a Z that should be removed when building the score "at home". Added remark on why.

"(c4) MA(hg~)gnus(h) D\u00f3(g)mi(g)nus(e_') * et(e) lau(f)d\u00e1(ge)bi(gh)lis(fe) ni(d.)mis.(d.) (::Z) <eu>E(h) u(h) o(g) u(f) a(g) e.</eu>(goh.) </eu>(::)"

When using the <eu> tag, compilation should be run twice in order to avoid a display issue where the non-line-breaking EUOUAE is not reported to the next line, but overfills the HBox into the margin. This is intended behavior, see https://github.com/gregorio-project/gregorio/issues/949 Therefore the fact that this score is broken is more of a bug in Gregobase. I will fix it with a manual Z for now.