History - Exsultet gaudio

Oct 16, 2022 (lvdovicvs)

removing a comma, adding ictus on 'átria', raising episema, star after quarter bar, star before notes, shrinking neume space (TeX) to fit 5 lines, remarks

[["tex","\\grechangedim{intersyllablespacenotes}{0.23 cm}{scalable}",{}],["gabc","(c3) EX(e)S\u00daUL(ehg)TET(h) g\u00e1u(hji)di(i)o(i.) *(,) * pa(k_[oh:+0.775mm]j/kl)ter(kj) Ju(k.i!jw@kjk)sti,(ji..) (;) g\u00e1u(iji)de(h)at(hf) Pa(h)ter(ij) tu(j_h/jiigh)us(hg..) (,) et(hi) Ma(i)ter(ef~) tu(fv.efd)a,(d.) (:) et(fi) ex(ijI'H)s\u00fal(hhhi)tet(h.) (,) quae(hf) g\u00e9(hi!jvji)nu(ihh)it(f!gw!hv_G~E~) te.(fe..) (::) <i>Ps.</i>. Quam(ehg) di(hi)l\u00e9(i)cta(i) ta(i)ber(i)n\u00e1(i)cu(i)la,(i) tu(i)a,(i) (,) D\u00f3(i)mi(i)ne(ik) vir(j)t\u00fa(ji)tum! *(ij..) (:) * con(ig~)cu(hi)p\u00ed(i)scit(i) et(i) d\u00e9(i)fi(i)cit(i) \u00e1(i)ni(i)ma(i) me(i)a(i.) (,) in(i) \u00e1(i!jwk)tri(i')a(h) D\u00f3(h)mi(hhh)ni.(fe..) (::) Gl\u00f3(ehg)ri(hi)a(i) Pa(i)tri.(i) (::) <eu>E(i) u(i!jwk) o(i') u(h) a(hhh) e.</eu>(fe..) (::)",{}]]

I suggest (not added The ictus on 'átre)ia' ais pomissintg in lasGR but note of "tabernácula, tua," not present in Gr.R nor Liber U.