History - Summae Parens clementiae

Mar 01, 2023 (xmarteo)

Added note about a typo in the source fixed in the score

"(c4) SUm(h)m\u00e6(h) Pa(h)rens(h) cle(h)m\u00e9n(ixhi)ti(h)\u00e6,(h) (,) Mun(h)di(h) re(h)gis(g) qui(f) m\u00e1(gh)chi(g)nam,(g) (;)\r\nUn(hf)\u00ed(h)us(h) et(g) sub(f)st\u00e1n(g)ti(g)\u00e6,(h) (,) Tri(g)n\u00fas(g)que(g) per(f)s\u00f3(d)nis(f) De(e)us:(d) (::)\r\n"

Typo in source, fixed in score: first verse, third line, first note is h instead of f in other verses.