History - Complaceat

May 22, 2023 (xmarteo)

Source has an objective typo, fixed in the score (euouae)

"(f3) Com(f)pl\u00e1(f!gwh)ce(f)at<sp>*</sp>(f) ti(f)bi,(f) D\u00f3(fg)mi(f)ne,(f) ut(f) e(f)r\u00ed(f)pi(h)as(g) me:(f) (;)\r\nad(g) ad(i)ju(hf)v\u00e1n(hhO1)dum(gh) me(i) r\u00e9(hg)spi(f)ce.(f) (::) \r\n<eu> E(h) U(h) O(h) U(g) A(def) E.(ef) </eu> (::) \r\n"

The EUOUAE in the source is an objective typo: IId in the source is usually A(fg) E(f). Fixed in the typed score.