6 years later…

… I finally updated to gregorio 5.2.1. so you can start adding nabc as well. I recently added a bunch of new sources and I’ve also added SVG support.

As you might have noticed, in the last 6 years, Andrew Hinkley did typeset a few thousand more tunes…

Now that the database has passed 14000 entries, some work would be necessary in order to clean up all this… Good wills welcome 😉

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  1. Juliano
    | Permalink

    Congratulations! Laus Deo!

  2. Fergus
    | Permalink

    Wonderful! I use this site a lot, including for a course I’m teaching on sung propers this month.

  3. rleduc
    | Permalink

    Collecting data is great; cleaning it is better. While it is more fun to submit scores, if anything can be done to help to clean items, please post what you need. Obviously, proofreading other peoples’ work seems a good place to start.

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